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The great Songkran debate: Cans, bottles or draft?

It’s almost the middle of April, and here in Thailand that means that it’s time for Songkran. For the vast majority of people in Thailand this means an extra long holiday which will be spent with family or friends celebrating the new year and all the fun that comes with it. This also means that a ton of beer and spirits will be drunk over the three day holiday.

Here in Thailand, and in almost every country for that matter, there are numerous containers that are used to dispense beer. From bars and restaurants to 7-11 and grocery stores you will find beer in cans, bottles and even on draft. We all have an idea on what the best way to drink beer is.

In fact, many beer nerds will argue until they are blue in the face that bottles are better than cans, or that draft is the best. This week we are going to look at what is best for your Songkran celebrations.

Beer in the can

Ok, so let’s face it, the vast majority of younger people here in Thailand will not be looking to drop hundreds of Baht or more on one beer. There is also a good chance that they will be out and about in one of the many waterfight locations spraying people and enjoying the heat.

These mobile party hounds will be looking for a way to drink beer while out and about without breaking the bank. That’s why they will be turning to the can. This container is highly portable, quick to cool and overall cheaper than bottles. Sure, the beer won’t taste as great as other containers but get enough Leo, Singha or Chang in you and it honestly won’t matter.

The best things about drinking beer from the can during Songkran is that you can impress your friends by shotgunning a beer. Here’s how:

  1. Take the can in your hand, holding it like you would a glass and tilt it so the mouth at the top is facing away from you.
  2. Lay the can flat, or near flat in your and punch a hole in the side of the can just above the bottom. Most people prefer to use their keys.
  3. Bring it up to your mouth so that the hole you’ve just made is now in between your lips.
  4. Open the tab at the top and the beer will flow rapidly into your mouth.

Try to bet who can shotgun a beer before you get sprayed by a passerby! Just be careful, because those metal cans can cut.

Beer in the bottle

Ahh the bottle, the preferred container for craft beer brewers and many a large brewer alike. You can find these at nearly any restaurant, bar, corner store and 7-11/Family Mart and like cans the bottle is a fairly portable container.

The biggest strength of the bottle has got to be the fact that they are the easiest to find. From restaurants, to bars, to corner shops, and more you can find bottles of beer almost every where in Thailand.

If you are out and about and want to sit someplace for a beer or two, the bottle is your best choice as the mouth is small enough where if you are sitting in the street, the chances of getting water in your beer are slimer. They are also good because many of the bigger bottles are great for sharing with friends.

Looking to have some fun at other people’s expense? When your friend gets a new bottle, take yours and firmly tap the top of their bottle with the bottom of yours. The beer will foam up and may even spray them. It’s kind of like a water fight, but with beer.

Beer on draft

At a beer garden and looking to get drunk as quickly as possible, or share a drink with friends? Draft is the way to go! Because draft beer needs to come from a keg, you usually won’t find it at the corner shops or stores, instead in bars and some restaurants.

We recommend that if you want to sit for a while and maybe escape some of the craziness on the streets, grabbing a pitcher would be a good idea. One of the best games to play with draft beer is something we like to call “Drink the beer”. How it works is you sit with glasses and ice (yes ice. It’s too hot here to enjoy draft beer without it) and drink the beer.

Of course, we do have mini kegs in stock at Wishbeer, so if you are looking for something that’s portable yet big enough to share, check one out. That being said, whatever you are doing this Songkran, be safe and don’t drink and drive.

Wish of the week

Skovlyst SkovbaerHvede

The hot summer months are here and many of us are always on the lookout for a drink that will not only cool us down, quench our thirsts, but tastes good as well. This beer is perfect for that, with its strong berry flavors and light mouth feel it goes down a treat. Plus, for those who like their fruit beers & ciders, this would be a great beer to try. Buy some for Songkran and join in on the fun!

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