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Beer on Valentine’s Day? Really?

Makha Bucha day is a traditional Thai and buddhist holiday, with many businesses and organizations closing their doors in order to allow their employees to observe the holiday. This year, Makha Bucha day happens to fall on a Friday which means the country gets a nice long weekend in the middle of the month.

Coincidently, this day also falls on February 14th, or Valentine’s day as many have come to associate it as. For many around Thailand this means a long weekend to spend with your loved one, usually out of the city.

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is associated with the giving of gifts to your significant other. These gifts are usually a bottle of champagne, roses and chocolate – finding a good bottle of the bubbly may be a bit of a challenge this weekend. But tradition is boring, so why not go with something a little different this Valentine’s day – Beer!

While it may seem off, there are some cool things you can do revolving around beer to impress your honey this Valentine’s Day. Here are four.

1. Give the gift of red beer

Most of us know that pink and red are the official colors of this Hallmark holiday, so why not go with a red to pink beer? On such beer is Kriek, a form of Lambic beer brewed in southern Netherlands and Belgium.

Lambic beer originated in a town just outside of Brussels and is brewed using wild yeast found only in that region. One year, we’re not exactly sure when but it was before hops was added to beer, a brewer added sour cherries and pits to the beer then let it ferment, probably with the idea of preserving it. This resulted in a sour and dry beer that is a deep red.

You can still find this style of Kriek, but many brewers have started to add sugar to the finished beer in order to make it taste better to the masses. So instead of the pink bubbly why not go for a beer like Lindemans Kreik. Or, if cherry isn’t your thing give Fruli – a strawberry fruit beer – a try.

2. Woo her (or him) with beer and chocolate

Now, I’ve got nothing against champagne and a glass of the high quality stuff can give almost any wine a serious run for its money. The thing is, I find that champagne leads to a wicked hangover and is often too dry to mix with most anything, including chocolate.

The alternative then is beer. Now, not every beer will go well with chocolate, some will be downright horrid. But beers like Young’s Double Chocolate Stout or Rogue’s Mocha Porter Ale, both of which taste like chocolate will go excellent with chocolate and are sure to impress every drinker.

3. Beer with oysters

There is always a spike in the consumption of oysters on Valentine’s day and it can be hard to find something that can accompany this natural aphrodisiac. Well, beer can actually be great with oysters. That being said, not every beer will pair with oysters, for example an IPA may be too bitter and actually mask the taste of the oyster. We recommend something lighter like a Landskorn Radler or Warsteiner Pilsner which will go excellent with oysters in the half shell.

4. Go out for a beer

While Valentine’s day is great for some couples, others prefer not to celebrate it and would rather just have a normal night of drinking with their friends. And that’s fine! In fact the various beer bars around Bangkok will be hosting events that could be a ton of fun. Take for example the Beer Vault in the Sheraton on Sukhumvit 15 which is having a special on buckets of imported beer.

Or go check out the newly opened Mikkeller beer bar located in Ekkamai on Soi 26. With over 30 beers on tap you and your date could have one hell of a great night. There are tons of other places serving beer so this Valentine’s Day, go ahead and do something different.

Wish of the week

Birra Roma Ambrata
Almost everything about Italy screams romance. From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the food and even the language – it all just seems perfect. At the center of almost all of this is Rome, a city like no other. And while Italy is well known for their romance inspiring wines, there are also beers that do the trick. Take this offering from Birra Roma, which captures the flavors and essence of Rome in a bottle. Give it a try today and see where the romance takes you.

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