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5 beers to see you through a curfew

On May 20, 2014 Thailand awoke to news that the army had enacted martial law and taken control of policing the country away from the police. Many thought that this would lead to yet another coup, but the army was adamant that we should all take it easy and go about our lives as we normally do because it wasn’t a coup. Two days later, the ‘not a coup’ turned out to be a coup, as the military took over governing the country.

One of the first things they did was to enact a fairly strict curfew. For a few days you had to be off the streets between the hours of 10 pm until 5 am, but now that has been relaxed to midnight to 5 am. This is hardly ideal for those who love night life, but overall it has seen a relative calm blanket the country. While this isn’t great for bars and restaurants, it’s a boon for home delivery services like us!

So because many of us are sticking close to home these days, we figured it would be a cool thing to look at five beers you can drink during the curfew.

1. Deus

Popular Belgian brewer Bosteels took a look at the general success of champagne and thought to themselves “Why not brew a beer using the same methods as champagne?” The resulting beer was Deus. Brewed in Belgium but then transferred to Champagne in France, the beer is treated just like Champagne, resulting in a bubbly and refreshing beer.

So, if you have something to toast instead of going with a glass of the usually overpriced bubbly, pop the cork on this champagne of beers. Just be sure to toast to your success, and watch out for the cork when you open it, wouldn’t want anyone to lose their eye.

2. Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA

I was sitting in traffic in a cab just north of Chatuchak the other day, not moving when a man on a bike – the kind you peddle yourself – whizzed by, laughing at all of us stuck twiddling our thumbs, waiting to move. I thought to myself, a bike sure would be handy right about now, and I am sure I am not alone in thinking this.

Not only does a bicycle give you the opportunity to get some great exercise, but it also opens up some great commute routes allowing you to bypass some of Bangkok’s infamous traffic jams. Just be careful of the other traffic, or you may end up with a broken chain.

Like riding a bike in Bangkok traffic, this IPA is different. It is brewed first as a normal Witbier using the typical seasonings of orange peel and citrus but a good dose of hops are added to up the bitterness to IPA territory. This makes it in a word, refreshing. So, when you get home, hopefully with an intact chain, pop the top off of this unconventional IPA and cool down with this great beer.

3. Lion Stout

Looking for something to really roar about? Forget about current events, traffic, the heat, the rain and selfies with soldiers and give this beer from Sri Lanka a try. Sure, Sri Lanka is a bit like Thailand in the fact that they don’t really grow the ingredients, or have the client conducive to brewing but damn it, the’re gonna try anyways. And they have succeeded!

Lion is a dark stout that’s not only full flavored but also higher in alcohol. A few of these after curfew hours will be enough to ensure you sleep well. Also, while a stout may not seem like the best beer style for this climate, it actually goes down quite smooth. Probably because it doesn’t begin to taste awful if it gets warm like other popular animal themed beers.

4. Hitachino Nest White Ale

Things can get quite intense here in Bangkok, and have been increasingly crazy over the past six or so months. Add in the warm weather, rain and current political situation and it almost is too much. If you agree with this and are looking for a way to calm down why not create yourself a comfortable nest at home, sit down with a good book or movie and relax.

Sometimes all a nice nest needs to make it the best place on Earth is the perfect drink. In this case, why not go for something from Hitachino. This nest beer is their most popular, and offers a lightly hopped yet full flavor white Ale. With citrus, coriander and even a bit of nutmeg, one sip and you could find your cares melting away. Heck, you may even feel a bit zen.

5. Singha, Leo, Chang

Now you may be wondering why recommend this beer? Well, we are in Thailand, and much to the chagrin of the financial community the Thai economy fell by a whopping 0.7% year-on-year. While the current administration figures out what they are going to do to turn it around, we feel we have the best solution: Drink Thai beer, it will help the economy. Or at the very least, it will make you forget your financial woes even if for a short time.

Think about it, if we all drank more Thai beer, we are supporting a home grown industry and ensuring that we all have jobs for at least the next little while. Even if it doesn’t help the economy, we are sure drinking a few Chang or Leo will make those selfies with soldiers even more fun. Heck, share one with them because even soldiers need a drink from time-to-time.

Looking to get your own stash to see you through the curfew? Order today.

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