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Instagramming your beer adventure 101

You can probably assume that most people have a smartphone these days, it sure seems like it in Bangkok. Go out to a restaurant or bar and you’ll see people on their phones playing games, communicating or even taking photos. In fact, it’s common to see people whip out their phones and snap a picture of their meal, then share it with their friends. It is partly because of this that apps like Instagram have become so popular the world over.

While food is among the most popular topics on Instagram, drinks are right behind. Take a look at some trending topics and beer shots are among the most popular in some areas and with many users. If you are looking to use Instagram to share your beer shots, we have a number of tips that can help get them out there.

1. Take photos using Instagram

This may sound a little odd, but Instagram allows you to actually use photos you’ve taken using your device’s camera app. Many of these pictures are perfectly fine and are probably great to use. The only problem is, you will need to crop them in order for Instagram to be able to use them.

This could reduce the overall image size and change what you are focusing on. In order to avoid this, use the Instagram app to take the pictures. This will accurately show you what the image will look like before you edit it, and eliminate the need to crop it.

2. Pay attention to the background

Many people who Instagram their beer do so at the bar. At times there could be things on the table like other drinks, napkins, hands, even people in the shot. In order to get the best shots, you probably want to minimize the background, or even position the beer or glass in such a way that it is the main item in the shot.

Try opening Instagram and arranging your shot as you see fit, then looking at your phone to see if there is anything in the way, or taking focus away from the shot. If there is, take the time to rearrange a few things then look again, taking the picture when you are happy with it.

3. Pick your filters

Instagram has some great filters, some of which can be ideal for beer shots. Try looking at the Black and White, Lo-Fi and Hefe filters first. We have found that these look the best, especially in bar or restaurant settings. If they don’t look all that great, try using a lighter filter so that it really shows the color of the beer.

4. Try not to use the flash but do a deep edit using the enhanced editing features

It may be tempting to use the flash, especially if you are in a darker bar or restaurant. Most of the time, the flash will actually add too much light to images, making them look washed out and overly white. This is especially true if you are taking pictures of the bottle and glass.

Instead, try taking the picture, adding a filter and then hitting the Wrench icon below the screen. You should see a number of different options like Brightness, Contrast, Warmth, etc. show up. Tapping on each will allow you to edit how strong or weak it is. For example, if you tap on Brightness you should see a slider pop up. Slide to the left to lower the overall brightness of the image, and right to increase it.

For darker pictures, try increasing the brightness, warmth, and shadows while decreasing the saturation. Really, play around with a few of the options to see how the image gets better.

5. Add a location to it

When you have finished editing the image move to the next screen to share it with people. Under Add to Photo Map slide it to on, so that people looking at the map will be able to find it easier. Also, if you can, add the location in the description, especially if you are in a bar or restaurant.

This can go a long way in helping other people find the beer and even your pictures, so be sure to try to mention where you are when the image is taken. Plus, if it’s a bar or restaurant, there is a good chance that they will see it and even follow you, which increases the overall reach of your photos!

6. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an integral part of Instagram photos. By adding a hashtagged word you make the image searchable. Say you took a picture of a great craft beer and want to share it with everyone on instagram. Try adding #craftbeer or #beer in the description (after you have edited the image). This will cause it to show up when people search for Beer on Instagram, and even other social media platforms if you share the image with them.

Just a word of warning about hashtags however: Don’t make the whole description hashtags e.g., #wicked #awesome #great #craft #beer #tastes #great. #Nightsout #tasty #yummy. Take a look at images on Instagram and you will see a ton just like this – some with as many as 30 hashtags. This is too much, and it actually turns people off your pictures.

Instead, try to work a few hashtags into the description e.g., Great #craftbeer from #barname makes for another great #nightout in #bkk.

7. Share with your friends and be sure to like other Instagrammers

Finally, the whole point of Instagram is to share your images with your friends and others. Be sure to share it with them on other social media services as well. Before you do post your image, try tapping one of the other networks under the Description box to share the image and description on there as well.

Also, Instagrammers will start to like your photos, and if they really like them why not follow them and see what they are posting? This could be a great way to learn more about new beers and even find new drinks.

Happy snapping!

Wish of the week

Damm Lemon
Lemon may not sound like the best thing to add to beer, but with some beers it is just what the beer needs. Take for example this shandy, which has lemon added to it. It’s refreshing and goes down smooth on a hot night. Try it next time you don’t feel like a beer, but would like something to drink that isn’t full of sugar and lord knows what else.

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