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Beer quiz puts your knowledge to the test

Over the past five to ten years there has been a near exponential increase in the number of craft beers available around the world, with much of the growth centered in North America. It seems like almost every city and many towns have at least one brew pub and a beer made locally. In some states, there are so many brewpubs and craft brewers that residents hardly touch macro beers like Budweiser and Coors.

This growth in demand for better quality beer and more beer styles is proof that there is a huge beer culture out there. I am currently in the US for the summer and was at the local brew pub enjoying the July weather and sunshine when a couple of beer-heads came in and started quizzing each other over beer. Beer knowledge, while somewhat nerdy, really is one of those things that many take pride in, afterall it does help increase the enjoyment of the drink.

Coincidently, I was searching the Web the other day and found an interesting beer quiz, created by the brewers at California’s Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Sierra Nevada was one of the first craft brewers to go mainstream in the US, and currently produces the second most popular craft beer in the US – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. In fact, the company is largely viewed as the most influential craft brewery out there.

Any ways, this summer to promote their traveling beer festival the company crafted a quiz that challenges beer drinkers to test their beer knowledge. With questions like:

  • What gives beer its color?
  • True or False: A general rule is the darker the beer, the higher its alcohol content.
  • Water makes up approximately what percentage of beer?
  • Per capita, what country drinks the most beer? Hint: It’s not the Germans, Irish or the Americans.
  • Why is beer traditionally packaged in brown bottles?

Now, some of the questions are pretty US centric, but it’s still a pretty cool quiz, especially because some of the later questions get tough! Check the quiz out here on the website and test your beer knowledge. Note: It should pop up under the text of the article, you may need to hit the X on the add showing in order to load the quiz.

Did you take the quiz? If so, let us know your score below! Don’t worry, after each question you get the answer so you can even learn a bit!

Wish of the week

Rogue Roguenbier Rye Ale
Rogue, one of Oregon’s most popular brewers, is widely known for putting the “craft” in craft beer. They like to tinker with various ingredients and beer styles including some pretty weird ones. It’s hard to find, but they do create a smoke beer which is brewed using smoke flavoring, it’s…interesting.

For those who want something less crazy, give this one a try. Rye is a popular grain used in the production of Canadian Whisky and is known for its slightly sweeter and stronger taste than barely. The rye used in this beer is grown by Rogue employees and used to create a unique tasting beer. If you like slightly hoppy wheat style beers, then you will surely like this one.

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