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Beer glossary – Beers terms beginning with D

It’s been a while since we last looked at some beer terminology. There are many terms out there that beer experts toss about with abandon, some of which are more than confusing. So, we have made it a mission of ours to bring together the more popular terms by letter.

The last article we did, which was a number of months ago, looked at beer terms that start with the letter C. If you missed the article, you can check it out here. This week, we figured it’s been a while since we last looked into these terms, and that it’s about due time for another.

So, this week, we are looking into beer terms that begin with the letter D. The terms below don’t cover every beer-related term that begins with D, but these are the more common ones.


Dextrin is a carbohydrate found in the enzymes of barley. This is unfermentable meaning it is not the part of barley that leads to the creation of alcohol. It does however play a significant role in the beer’s flavor, body and mouthfeel.

Beer that is brewed at lower temperatures will produce more dextrin than sugar while beers at higher temperatures will lead to more sugar. This is one of the reasons why Ales can be higher alcohol percentage than Lagers.


DMS, or Dimethyl Sulfide, is a sulfur compound that leads to a cabbage-like smell in beer. There are two ways this compound can created. The first in through a bacterial infection – which smells like boiled cabbage.

DMS is also created during the boil and is usually eliminated through vaporization. If the wort is not cooled fast enough, DMS could be reabsorbed into the liquid leading to a ruined batch.


This is a type of beer from the city of Dortmund in western Germany. Dortmund is Germany’s largest beer producer, and this bottom-fermented gold Lager is among the most popular mass-produced style of beer drunk in parts of Germany.


Adding a yeast and sugar blend to bottled liquor in order to spark a fermentation in the bottle. Beers that are labeled as ‘Bottle Conditioned’ have usually had yeast and sugar added to the bottle.

This method is also used in the production of Champagne and most other sparkling wines.

Double Magnum

While this may sound a little like Dirty Harry’s ultimate dream gun, the double magnum is actually a bottle that can hold three liters of fluid.


Also called Draught, this is a way of dispensing beer that is stored in kegs or barrels. The beer is pumped, usually by pressure, into a chiller unit where it is cooled and then mixed with carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Finally, it is poured into a glass or mug.

Some draft beer actually has the carbon dioxide added into the keg. The addition of gas to the keg helps to pressurize the beer, making it easier to pour and even transport.


This is the act of adding hops to beer after it has finished fermenting, most often during the aging process. This increases the aroma and flavor of the hops.

Dry hopping is most often seen in Ales, especially India Pale Ales and American Pale Ales. Traditionally, it is not done with Lagers though there are some Lagers that are dry hopped.


The German word for dark and is applied to dark German Lagers and wheat beers. There are a number of craft brewers outside of Germany who brew German style dark Lagers and use Dunkel in the name.

Looking to learn more about beer? Try joining one of our beer tastings or even ordering from us and start your own self-education!

Wish of the week

Baird Angry Boy Brown Ale
I’ve tried a few different beers from this small brewer in Japan. Both were excellent, and are now (finally) available here in Thailand. Brown Ales are an interesting style of beer, with a ton of flavor and excellent body. Think of them like a lighter stout. This is actually one I have not tried yet, but hope to very soon. From what I have heard, it’s an excellent beer and worth trying.

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