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And the newest rehydrating sports drink is…Beer?

Beer_August27_ABeer, indeed most liquor, tastes great. When out for a night on the town, it makes socializing all the better, and has been the main ingredient to many a great night out around the world. The problem is, many of us wake up the next day with an upset stomach, aching head or worse. Let’s face it, hangovers suck. And, if you like beer, there is a good chance you will get one, or two every now and then. Or is there?

A group of Australian scientists say otherwise. The scientists, working out of the Griffith University’s Health Institute in Queensland announced the other day that they have created, or should we say brewed, a beer that can supposedly hydrate the drinker.

What’s the deal with hydration and alcohol?
As you may know, hydration is key when drinking. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it causes your body to eliminate more liquid than you are likely taking in. This causes dehydration which has symptoms including headaches, nausea and dry mouth…Sounds like your run of the mill hangover!

In fact, that’s largely what a hangover is – dehydration. In order to minimize your hangover you are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids like water. But, that can be a bit of a hassle, with many people usually forgetting to drink water while they are drinking beer.

The scientists in Queensland decided to fix this. The beer they announced is supposed to help with hydration. In fact, it provides a third more hydration than normal beer. This will, in theory, decrease the level of dehydration and therefore lessen the effects of the a hangover.

How exactly?
This new beer has actually been brewed with electrolytes. These compounds, primarily made up of sodium and potassium, promote rehydration. Essentially, these scientists have made your beer into a sports drink like Pocari Sweat or Gatorade!

Of course, this does come at a price. The group had to reduce the alcohol content of the beer to 2.3% for optimal results. Of course, adding extra compounds to beer may alter the flavor, however the scientists however noted that there was no perceived difference in taste.

Will this work?
We think this is an interesting idea, who wouldn’t like to lessen the effects of a hangover and still be able to drink beer? On the other hand, this is a light beer which is more times than not, weaker and less flavorful than full alcohol beer. Take a step back for a moment and think about it a bit more: This beer is made with the goal of reducing dehydration. Drinking at least the same amount of water as beer (as long as it’s around 5% beer) will give you the same, if not better, benefits.

Still, this is a pretty cool idea. Would you be game to drink a beer with electrolytes? We’d like to know.

Wish of the week
La Trappe Witte
Are you in love with Hoegaarden? Why not give this Dutch Trappist beer a try? It pours a nice yellow, like a lemon, which is good, because you can taste lemon as well! Typical to many Witte beers, this is a citrusy and somewhat spicy beer that seems to go so perfectly with the summer heat. Try some today, it’s on sale (for a short time only)!

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