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A fantastic beer ad you must see

When it comes to selling a product, any product, one of the most important things you must do is marketing and advertising. This is doubly important for products that face stiff competition. Take for example the beer market, there are so many different brewers out there that getting your product on the shelf, noticed and purchased is one of the hardest things for a brewer to do.

This is where things like wild, eye catching labels and names comes into play. After all, when looking for a new beer to try many people will pick the beer based on the name or the label. But there is another popular way to get your beer noticed emerging and that’s social media advertising. Many brewers are getting social with Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts, interacting with their fans and customers.

Because Wishbeer is an online business, we spend a lot of time well, online. This includes a lot of time spent on social media, looking at different beer brands and interacting with our customers, or even posting the latest deal. Every now and then, we come across a brewer that has a great Facebook Page and social media campaign going, and this week we came across what may be the funniest of the year so far.

Garagista hates hipsters

Garagista is a brewer based in South Africa, and when their latest advertising/social media campaign came across our News Feed, we immediately thought it is simply too good to not talk about. First off, go take a look at the YouTube video they put out back at the end of May.

For those of you who can’t access YouTube, the video starts with a view of a Garagista delivery driver picking up the first batch of Limited Edition Ale. Within seconds he is approached by a hipster who asks if the beer really is limited edition. From there it all goes downhill when hipsters of all varieties including the increasingly popular fixie riders and selfie takers seen in areas of BKK, descend on the shipment in order to get a taste of the limited edition suds.

The video sets up the idea that the hipsters have taken the first shipment of Garagista’s new ale, and it is up to netizens and friends on social media to get the beer back. The idea is for residents of the city where Garagista is set up to be on the lookout for the hipsters in the video. If they see them, take a selfie with them and post it on social media while hashtagging the company.

Take a look at the company’s Facebook Page (Note: There is some strong-ish language on there, so if you are sensitive to that, consider yourself warned) and you’ll see that because of this outrageous beer heist, the company is hopping mad at hipsters, and is posting some pretty great tongue in cheek ads. Take for example one that states “Out steeping process traps more flavour than your manicured beard. All Beer. No bullsh**”.

This campaign really is memorable, funny because it plays on the seemingly popular hatred for all things hipster and best of all gets people to engage with the company. It feels like an ad that is real, and I for one want to try this beer (largely so I can say I liked it before it was cool. Just kidding.”) So, we doff our vintage hats to Garagista and say, Well done guys. Keep up the good work.

We are curious, what type of ad do you think would work well in Bangkok? Most of the ones we see are fairly bland or outright cheesy. Let us know.

Wish of the week

Lion Stout
True, this beer isn’t from South Africa, but it’s the closest thing we’ve got to it! Then again, at first thought South Africa is more well known for its wine than beer. But we’ve been told that is rapidly changing, especially in the larger cities where you can find some great up and coming craft beers. I’ve had Castle – one of South Africa’s most popular beers – and it’s quite good for a mass produced Lager. So, until we can get some of South Africa’s finest beer into Thailand, give this beer from Sri Lanka a try. As a strong stout, it goes surprisingly well with this climate.

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