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A drinking game just for the Winter Olympics

On February 7, one of the world’s greatest sporting events, the Olympics, will kick off in Sochi Russia. This will be the 22nd Winter Olympics and will no doubt be full of surprises, twists, turns and memorable athletic feats. The whole event kicks off with the opening ceremony on February 7, and will be watched by millions, if not more the world over.

A common thing to do with many big events like this, especially among those who love to drink beer, is to invent a drinking game to play while watching the ceremony. Take a look online and you’ll see a ton of drinking games for movies, TV shows and yes, even opening ceremonies for the Olympics.

Luckily, the opening ceremonies is on a Friday night this year, so it’s the perfect time to grab some friends, a bunch of beer and have a blast watching the ceremonies. So, in honor of this year’s Winter Olympics, here is our Opening Ceremonies drinking game.

What you will need

Before you get started, you will need some supplies. This includes:

  • Beer – Hard to say how much, I would say at least 10 beers a person, probably more.
  • Glass – One for each participant
  • Shot glass – One for each participant
  • A computer or TV – To stream the opening ceremonies on. NBC in the US will be broadcasting it live, as will the CBC in Canada and the BBC in the UK. If you have a VPN like TunnelBear (we can’t link it for legal reasons, but go ahead and do a quick Google search for it) you should be ok.
  • A hangover cure – If you complete the whole ceremony, you will likely be well on your way to being drunk. So, be prepared to wake up with a Changover (if you are drinking Chang that is).

If you are going to watch it live, the event starts at 11:00pm here in Thailand. If you decide to watch it later, it should be put on YouTube shortly after the event.

Take a sip

  • Every time a new country is introduced
  • For every member of your country in the athlete parade. If your country isn’t in the Winter Olympics adopt one! Expert drinkers will do well with picking the US or Canada. People who don’t want to drink as much should pick a small country!
  • An injured athlete is shown or mentioned
  • When Vancouver is mentioned
  • When you see snow
  • When you see someone with a GoPro camera on their head

Take a shot

  • If someone mentions the unpreparedness of Sochi for the games
  • Someone mentions the hotels or poor state of rooms
  • When Vladimir Putin is shown
  • You see a palm tree
  • Your country is mentioned

Drink a glass (or the rest of your beer)

  • When something goes wrong
  • When your country’s athletes enter the stadium
  • The torch is lit


  • Start drinking when an anthem starts. Continue to do so until it is over.
  • When the IOC chairman is introduced and speaks.

This should be enough to get you started on a night of fun, and possibly no memories. Feel free to add in other rules, or take them out! As we stated above, if your country isn’t in this Olympics, adopt one. Just be careful who you adopt, as some countries have a fair number of athletes attending. If your country is attending this Olympics we wish them the best of luck!

Wish of the week

Hacker Pschorr Sternweisse – 500 ml
Ok, so we don’t have any Russian beers at the moment, there actually aren’t a ton currently available. So, we decided to go with a beer that’s great to drink in the winter. This amber colored wheat beer has slightly less carbonation than other beers which makes it perfect for starting a night’s drinking game like this.

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