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this notion of fine craftsmanship and “métiers d’art” so tell us a bit more about it. Well you know “métiers d’art” for Patek Philippe we’re not talking about business, that’s for sure, we’re talking about passion. How can you talk about business when you only produce 50, 55, 57 different type of pieces like that. You know it’s not a lot of pieces but when you talk about the dream, when you talk about passion, that’s a lot of them. So for me it’s really something that I have learned when I was a kid, you know growing up with my grandfather and my father showing me those beautiful pieces. The first time I ever saw a watch it was a pocket watch, so and I still remember it very well. I remember the color of the pocket watch, I even remember to drawing with this beautiful scenery on it and today it’s still in the museum. So for me talking about “métiers d’art” means talking about my own history, my passion for dreaming, because you are talking about just having a dream. The difficult part is then to design the dream and to put it on the watch and this is what I like really. It’s that you’re going to create something,

which will last after you, which will maybe spend most of its life on a wrist or maybe on a desk and finally in a museum. And this is something I think is beautiful because I will be gone since many years, but still those pieces will remain. So that’s really what I like about it. And you had organized like a few years ago also an event a bit like this one showcasing these timepieces and the crafts and the people that are behind them of course, how important for you to organize these kind of events? Well there’s two thing; the first thing is to to be able to show it to most of the people, because I have a lot of comments coming from email on internet that people always tell me the same and that they are not able to see them. Once they have been produced, you show them once at Basel and if I cannot come in Basel, but after that they are gone and they’re right, I mean we exact swiss replica watches we present them only once at Basel. The dealer will come, they will take their order, then I will have to select them because you know I have for example 50 pieces this year for maybe thousand and thousand of orders. So I have to choose who’s going to receive them and the problem is that those people they will never see them, they say well I know you did create them but they are gone. So the idea was to say okay you may not be able to order one of them but let me at least show it to you. I think that’s very important you know because people are enjoying it, it’s exactly like the museum you know. They like to come to enjoy,

to talk about it, so that’s something I think it’s important to do. The second thing is also that you always fake womens watches have to say that this is real rare handcraft. Most of the brands those last years have been doing a lot of rare handcraft. Believe me not all of them were very nice, some of them were very good, some of others very bad. So I think it’s also very important to explain to the people what are you comparing. You know it’s exactly like a car, you have a Ferrari who is very expensive, then you have maybe I don’t know a Renault who is cheaper, both of them work, but what is the difference? That’s what you have to explain to people, because they can get confused and I can understand that. You know, they are not part of the creation team, they are not expert, so it’s also our duty to say; well come let me show you those pieces and let me let explain you why those ones are better than the other one. And how can you victorinox swiss army replica watch do that? You know and most important I think for those people, they should also talk to the artisan, the people who are making them, because I can talk as a commercial person, they don’t need to believe me and I can understand that, but they can talk to the guy who is making them or to the girl who is working on that or an engraving, enameling, marquetry, guilloché. Once they see it,

then they will understand a little bit more and that’s I think what is important for me. So it’s really to show, to explain, so at least that when they will go away from Patek Philippe and say I had a good day and now I know something that I didn’t realize be Best High Quality Replica Rolex For Sale Cheap Watch fore. And it’s true, I mean you could totally see that those craftsmen are really happy to share and talk and discuss with people, explaining what they’re doing, because I mean tonight we’re a little bit among ourselves, meaning between journalists, but as you mention this is going to be a public exhibition for a few days here open in Geneva. I mean it’s complicated to move those pieces around like you were mentioning but this is a strong will of yours to make it as open as possible? Totally, you need really to be able to say I will take the risk to show them. Now the risk is limited in Geneva that’s for sure. But for example I would not agree to travel with those pieces in ten different places around the world. There are not too fragile but they are too beautiful to do that and it’s hard. I always say the same if I could keep all of them in a museum I would do it, so I’m definitely a very bad commercial person but we are not talking about business at this level. There are precious, they are our babies and sometimes it’s not easy to release them. So imagine now I cannot say “let’s go for a tour worldwide tour for ten months and I will not see them”, no I am not going to take the risk. As Patek Phillipe your are manufacturing quite a lot of timepieces per year, tens of thousands, and you’re only talking about 50 timepieces but this represents your core identity. It’s our own core identity, but it’s also the skill and the history fake watch review site of Geneva, which is part of it and that’s what is very important also. We should not forget that in the past replica rolex gmt master vintage here in the Rue du Rhône there were plenty of artists and plenty of them. Each of them was making once one part of the piece, that means you didn’t had a watchmaker making everything, they used to give it to the enameler, then to the engraver,

then to the diamond setter and what is beautiful when you are creating such a piece is that imagine the first one who is making it, if he’s doing a mistake, that’s fine he can restore it, now imagine the last one if he is doing a mistake he’s gonna destroy the whole work from all the other one. So it’s a very complicated work and a lot of tension because if you’re missing something, if you are scratching one of the parts, maybe you’re gonna have to restart two years of work and you have to explain that to the other one and that’s not easy, but it does happen and you have to respect it. Sometimes you accident will happen and I have seen that quite a few times and it’s not easy because you have a lot of young people who are so happy to present t heir work and suddenly they crack or something happens and I’m always trying to explain tp them that this is normal, don’t get disappointed, don’t stop your art, this is part of practice. I think all our life this is what we are learning, at school, at our work. It is exactly the same for those artisans and they also have sometimes to work the hard way. Well thank you very much for putting this exhibition together. I had a great time, I hope you too. Thank youWelcome to all you Swiss watch lovers. This is Chris, over at This blog I’m gonna be introducing to

you the Rolex Stainless Steel GMT 40 millimeter 116710. This is the BLNR, Batman. Also know as the Bruiser or the GMT Black and Blue. Rolex GMT originally came out as a 40 millimeter watch with a function to measure multiple timezones. You have a GMT hand that runs around the dial for 24 hours. For you who don’t know what GMT means, that’s Greenwich Mean Time. Allows the user to keep time for two different timezones. Pilots who are travelling back and forth find this watch to be pretty helpful. It was introduced to the Pan Am Airline pilots back in the 1960s. This watch got a really big update back in 2007 with a ceramic bezel and a green swiss made replica watches for men 24 hour hand. What we’re looking at is actually updated from that watch with a black and blue bezel and a blue GMT hand that you see here at the four o’clock position. It comes on what’s called a Supercase. Just a little bit thicker here at the legs. Slightly different shape but easily recognizable as a Rolex. Links on the bracelet are at a half polish. Has a satin finish on the sides and a high polish mirror finish in the center links here. Has a really good, nice solid feel. So if you have a chance, if there’s an AD nearby zhanxi road replica watch wholesale market you, you might wanna check it out, se Replica breitling Watches Swiss Movement e if it’s a good fit for you. This does have an Oysterlock safety, as you can see here. It also has an easy link deployment, opens up the bracelet ever so slightly so if you do get hot and your wrist tends to swell, then you can utilize this. As long as you get it sized properly,

you can actually utilize this. Also to open up about five millimeters here. Allows your wrist to breathe a little bit more. The movement on this watch is a 3186 caliber movement. It has a quick hour jump that allows you to set the time and also the date too. So you can actually get the time right right in the middle of the day and have it switch over to the midnight at midnight. You see me winding it, should give it about 15 to 20 winds from a dead start so you know that you have a lot of power on your watch. What I would do if I’m just setting this GMT, I would actually pull it out to furthest setting and set your GMT hand first. So you can see the GMT hand’s moving at half the speed as the hour hand. Takes the GMT hand one whole rotation to go through a best replica watches review day, whereas the hour hand takes two times to actually flip through a day. So if I had that GMT right at the twelve o’clock position, then I could set the time with the the quick hour jump. See that switch over the 28th, if I do two more rotations, it’s gonna flip over the 29th. This is one of the most popular watches Rolex has to offer. It’s a very versatile watch,

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